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Taking a Cert Exam, Part 1

For this two-part blog post, we talked to two CBT Nuggets employees who earned multiple certifications using our training courses (among other training methods).

We hope to show that you aren’t alone in going through these training experiences. Below, CBT Nuggets employees Zak and Birk discuss their exam experiences:blog-email

What prompted you to pursue a certification?

Zak: Professional certifications eluded me for 16 years while working in IT support/helpdesk environments. I felt that my professional experience was decent, however, my education and resume were definitely lacking with little professional/formal training and not a lot to show for it.

Birk: I was thirsty for knowledge, especially since I was starting a new job.

Were you nervous about anything?

Zak: Yes, every test. I was nervous about failing, more so with the first A+ exam than the second A+ or Network+, as I had a better idea of what to expect after passing the first test. I just get really ridiculously nervous prior to a big exam, and since I don’t take exams too often, I can be a wreck.

Birk: Passing the exam. Having never taken an IT certification before, I did not know what to expect.

How often did you study?

Zak: Anywhere from 6-12 hours a week on average, depending on the week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I definitely studied more as I got to closer to each test.

Birk: I studied about 1 hour daily for about 3 months. However, at the time we had just had our second child, which took a little time away from my training.

What was your ideal study environment?

Zak: Anywhere with a network connection, as long as I had my tablet and some headphones. Perhaps my favorite place to study during this time period was my backyard hammock — I love the mobility that a good tablet and steady Wi-Fi connection can provide!

Birk: Free time with a home computer with two screens. One to watch the training and another to practice. Having a study team would have been helpful.

What other supplemental material did you use?

Zak: Google, minimally. I also created flash cards using an open-source app installed on my tablet, based on what I learned from the CBT Nuggets videos and Transcender practice exams.

Birk: Aside from the video training, I used Google to help understand information in a deeper level. I also used a Transcender practice exam.

Stay tuned for the part 2 of Zak’s and Birk’s exam experiences Also, feel free to share your training experiences with us in the comments section of this blog post!

Up next: Stay tuned for the part 2 of Zak’s and Birk’s exam experiences. Also, feel free to share your training experiences with us in the comments section of this blog post!  


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