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Offline Training Now Available!

Training with CBT Nuggets is even more convenient now that we’ve released an offline training feature for our iOS app! Offline access for more devices is in the works.*blog-email-2

Offline training is available to annual subscribers. To access it, you’ll first need to get our NEW app from the App Store.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the desired course.

2. Click on the down arrow icon located to the right of the video title that you want to download.

3. Click the “download” button on the lower right. The selected videos will download to your device.

After a video has downloaded, you may watch it offline anytime, anywhere! If you have internet connection, you can access your downloaded videos by clicking your user icon on the top right of the app. If you do not have an internet connection, the app will default to the Offline Videos page.

We suggest that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download videos to avoid data overuse fees. For this reason, your offline video settings are automatically set to use Wi-Fi only. However, if you want to use your cellular data, go to iOS Settings > CBT Nuggets > Offline Video Settings and enable the “Use Cellular Data” option.

You can download up to 20 videos at a time. Once downloaded, videos are available offline for 30 days. Downloaded videos will expire after 30 days. To delete videos from your queue, click the “edit” button on the Offline Videos page. Select the videos you want to delete, and click the “delete” button at the bottom of the page.

For more information about using CBT Nuggets offline training, click on the info icon on the upper right of the offline training page.

*UPDATE: We have had to make some adjustments in the order in which we release offline training for other platforms. We are currently working on Windows desktop and Mac desktop apps, then the Windows phone app.


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  1. youcef says:

    3 years nothing :/

  2. cbtnuggets says:

    Hi there, we have developed a Windows App for the Windows Market place.

    I hope this helps and thank you for your patience! Happy training!

  3. Blackhawk says:

    What about Mac OS?

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