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Meet the Trainer: Scott Morris

Where he lives:

Expertise/Certifications: He has a wide variety of experience and certs:

Cisco: CCIE – Routing & Switching; CCIE – ISP/Dial; CCIE – Security; CCIE – Service Provider; CCDE; CCNP – Voice; CCNP – Data Center; CCNA – Video; a myriad of other Cisco Qualified Specialist things and partner-level certs he’s done over the years.

Juniper: JNCIE – Service Provider; JNCIE – Enterprise; JNCIS – Security; JNCIS – QFX; a myriad of other Juniper things and partner-level certs, including their series on Juniper Certified Designer for Campus, Service Provider, and Data Center areas.

Brocade: BCNE/BCLP (networking); BCLE/BCLP (load balancer products); BCD (design); BCPI (Brocade’s higher-level cert)

HP: Master ASE – Networking

Palo Alto: CNSE

With CBT Nuggets since: Feb. 15, 2014

When he’s not making CBT Nuggets, you’ll find him . . . : Either spending time with his wife and daughters, inducing mayhem at home, or traveling the world!

Favorite CBT Nugget: TBD at this point (He will be creating a lot of Juniper training!)

The best part about being a trainer is . . . : Helping people out. I know that’s the typical cheesy answer, but it makes an incredible impact to know that I have been helpful in peoples’ careers and bettering their lives! I run into people all the time, it seems no where I am, that tell me things about how I’ve impacted their careers.  It’s an awesome feeling!

I’m passionate about video training because . . . : It allows me to reach a broader audience and impact even more people on their own time and terms! Real-life instructor-led training has great value as well, but as training, it is not a scaleable event. Video-based training and CBTs are the ultimate in scalability from the perspective of being able to impact many different people in many different places!


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