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Keep Calm and Prepare to Pass

Last week during our first Trainerpalooza live broadcast, a member of the CBT Nuggets community asked…

“How do you keep calm and not panic for exams?”

We get that question a lot here, so in case you weren’t able to tune in to the broadcast, we thought we’d share the tips and tricks some of our rock star trainers use to keep calm during their certification exams.


  • Have a plan: How many questions are you going to answer? Can you take  break? Are you able to go back to questions?
  • Get there early.
  • Take deep breaths. Calm yourself.
  • Don’t take the first 10 minutes of the exam very seriously.
  • Don’t over-caffeinate before you go into an exam.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one question, then have to rush at the end.
  • Trust your gut. You’ve spent a lot of time prepping, trust yourself.
  • Put out of your mind the cost of the exam. Don’t let the “what-if” even get into your mindset.
  • Experience winning. If you have experience winning, you are going to believe you can win. Take practice exams and keep taking them until your score far exceeds the minimum score you need to pass the real exam.
  • Remember that you KNOW your stuff, the test doesn’t define you.

Jim Anthony referenced a quote from legendary basketball coach Bob Knight that is important to remember when preparing for an exam…”Everyone wants to win, but not everyone is willing to prepare to win.”

Do you have any tried and true keep-calm tactics you use before an exam? Let us know in the comments section!


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