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Trainer Answers: What Tech Skill Would You Most Like Your Child to Master?

Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook fans: What tech skill would you most like your child (niece, nephew, etc.) to master?

Here’s how some of our trainers answered that same question:

trainer_questions_gold_BLOGGarth: Programming! 🙂

Chris: Virtualization and Networking.

Steve R.: It’s a tie . . . Drawing by hand and adding/subtracting from memory.

Tim: First, touch typing. Second, web research.

Jeremy: Networking, of course! I wish I would have been introduced to this long before I was tossed into the horrific world of computer programming.

Steve C.: I turn to my kids to teach me – they’re the gurus!

Don: Being able to calculate ROI. Tech changes; tech-related business skills never die.

Anthony: Linux.

Shawn: Troubleshooting. Hands down, no question. This will serve them regardless of whether or not they go into a tech career.


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