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New: CentOS System Administrator Prep

If you are a new Linux system administrator or interested in becoming one, you’ll want to watch this new CBT Nuggets training course, “CentOS System Administrator Prep.”centos_sysadmin_BLOG-1

During ths 26-video course, Shawn Powers prepares new Linux system administrators to take the LPIC-1 exam. He covers access remote systems, configuring networks, SELinux, and more.

Here’s the complete video listing for the course:

  1. Intro
  2. What Makes CentOS Unique?
  3. Manipulating Text I/O
  4. Access Remote Systems
  5. Archiving, and Compressing and Chmod’ing, Oh My!
  6. Manipulating Files, Directories, and Links
  7. How to Read the Manual, CentOS-style
  8. Reboots & Runlevels
  9. Renicing and Killing Rogue Processes
  10. Network Services and Their Log Files
  11. Partitions & Logical Volumes
  12. Filesystems & Mounting Them
  13. Auto-mounting Local, Network, and Encrypted Filesystems
  14.  Chmod’ing, Chown’ing, and Chgrp’ing, Oh My!
  15. Special Permissions – SetUID, SetGID, and Sticky Bits
  16. Managing ACL’s
  17. Local Users & Groups
  18. Configuring the Network
  19. Kickstart Your Install
  20. Hosting Virtual Machines
  21. Package Movement
  22. Setting up Web and FTP Processes
  23.  Cron & Time Services
  24. Configuring the System Firewall
  25. SELinux — What is it?
  26. SELinux — Configuration and Troubleshooting

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