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Meet the Trainer: Steve Richards

Lives in: Indiana (born and raised). Moved from Muncie to Indianapolis in the 60s when my dad accepted a cameraman position with Time-Life at an NBC affiliate.
Expertise and certifications: Literally grew up around film, graphic design and printing. Both of my parents have been in the creative field since my inception. No certifications per se. Have worked with and learned from some true pioneers in the film/computer graphics industry. Practice makes perfect. I have worked daily with Adobe products (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Premiere) for 25 years.

With CBT since: December 2013

When I’m not making CBT Nuggets videos, you’ll find me . . . : Spending time with my family, which consists of five children, three (soon to be four) grandchildren, two pit bulls, a menagerie of chickens, goats, cats, a duck, and a miniature horse.

Favorite Nugget he’s created: Adobe InDesign (the only one . . . so far)

The best part about being a trainer is . . . : You have an opportunity to help someone. I always learn something at the same time.

He’s passionate about video training because . . . : Student variety. Multiple skill sets. Multiple experience levels. Multiple learning strategies. Even multiple availability schedules. All acceptable within this medium.


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