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Trainers Answer: I’d Like Instant Expertise in _______

Yesterday, we asked our Facebook fans: If you could wake up one day with instant expertise in any technology, what would it be?trainer_questions_gold_BLOG

We posed the same question to CBT Nuggets trainers, and here’s what they said:

Jeremy: Linux/PHP (I know this is a two-for-one, but come on…who doesn’t know PHP that knows Linux?)

Michael:  Brutal honesty…Some days I want to wake up FROM technology and just live on the beach for a year!

Tim: Cloud computing. This is the way IT has been going, and it will just become more and more central as time goes on.

Shawn: On Facebook, I commented “Clairvoyance,” because well… If I’m being serious, however, I think I’d pick programming. It’s something I’ve never really learned, but the idea of creating with the computer fascinates me.

Don:  SharePoint

Jim: Salesforce [Ed. note: mission accomplished!]

Greg: The Probat P50 Solid Drum Roaster

Anthony: Adobe’s Creative Suite

Keith: Nano-bot

Chris: Databases. Oracle and SQL scare me because it sounds like someone is speaking bad Klingon when they talk about it.

Garth: String theory! I would build a personal wormhole to see if they look as epic as they do on the internet.



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