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Trainers Answer: What Gadget do You Want for Christmas?

A few days ago, we asked our Facebook fans what tech gadget they want for Christmas.

We posed the same question to CBT Nuggets trainers, and here’s what they said:trainer_questions_yellow_BLOG

Jeremy: Microsoft Surface Pro…I’m a sucker for skinny laptops – the Macbook Air has left me tainted. A Pebble smartwatch or a Nest Thermostat. [Note: We asked Jeremy this question twice, so he kindly answered twice.]

Steve: Just got a new Windows Phone – that’s my latest gadget – and for those of you saying “OH NO WINDOWS PHONE,” my answer is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – I think it’s better than IOS.

Anthony: The newest and largest and most powerful iMac.

Greg: A Surface Pro 2 with Type keyboard.  The one with 8G of RAM, please!

Don: An iPad mini retina

Tim: Xbox One. Is that a gadget?

Garth: I asked Santa for wireless speakers and another R9 290x video card 😉

Chris: Samsung Watch

Shawn: I want an iPad Air. I know that seems wrong since I’m a Linux guy, but they’re truly beautiful devices. Since reading apps (Kindle, Nook, etc) are cross-device compatible, I can read all my material on a single device. Plus, with the iOS platform, I can share music with all my family members who use iPhones.


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