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Keith Talks Check Point, and More!

Keeping data and networks secure are crucial to just about any company/organization.  As security has evolved a lot during the past decade, it’s no longer enough to just run an antivirus program or throw up a firewall.

That’s why CBT Nuggets is proud to offer its “Check Point CCSA GAiA 156-215.76” training course with Keith Barker. Check Point for the past 20 years has been a leading security software vendor.

And with security always being a hot topic in IT circles, we asked Keith about his thoughts on Check Point, and other security-related issues.keith_checkpoint_ccsa_BLOG

Keith stated that one of the most impressive things about Check Point technology is how well it integrates different security features. He noted that features such as URL filtering or IPS are usually handled individually through different vendors.

“Check Point is very integrated, and the reporting is awesome,” Keith said. “. . . Check Point offers their own solution for these and they work together to protect the network.”

He said that any person/organization that cares about content filtering, URL filtering, anti-Malware/virus protection, intrusion prevention, accountability, and compliance and scalability could benefit from using Check Point technology.

Make no mistake about it, Keith’s excited to help students learn how to use Check Point technology through his new training course.

“It makes it easy for a person with a background in networking, to add the skills of implementing and managing a Check Point solution,” Keith said. “There isn’t a lot of available content out there, so it is exciting that this course is now available for our users.”

Keith explained his approach to creating the course, with that goal in mind. First, he made sure he understood the latest versions of Check Point and its new operating system, GAiA. Then he focused on the skills that are needed for a production network. That way, students can apply those skills to real-world situations.

Finally, Keith aimed to include enough certification-relevant material, so that students could take and pass the CCSA certification exam if they wanted by watching his course.

He strongly encourages newcomers to Check Point Security to watch all the videos contained in his course and apply what they are learning to any type of lab setting they can find. He also suggested that students take advantage of Check Point’s free 15-day trial period to get a better understanding and feel for the technology.

Keith said that learning more about Check Point is beneficial because of the simple fact that security is always evolving. He agrees with the sentiment that antivirus protection and firewalls don’t cut it anymore when it comes to keeping information secure.

“Any network that isn’t doing application ware and identity aware services isn’t doing enough to protect the network,” Keith said. “Malware prevention and email screening are also critical features that Check Point offers.”

And last but not least, Keith shared some of his personal security tips:

  • Never open an attachment in an email from an untrusted source. Use Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Never send any sensitive information via email.  Encrypt any local files that contain sensitive information such as credentials.
  • Keep virus-prevention software updated.
  • Behave on the network as if someone is always watching you.
  • Lock your computer screen every time you leave it.

Want to learn more about Check Point? Register for Keith’s upcoming “Jumpstart using Check Point R76 GAiA” webinar. The free event is scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Wednesday, Dec. 18. You can register here.


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