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Health Tips for IT Pros: Buddy Up!

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of blog posts that explores health advice/tips for IT professionals and office workers.

Being healthy doesn’t mean having to go at it alone. In fact there are a lot of benefits to having someone tag along with you on that quick walk/run or stretching session outside. Remember, since many of us in IT/office setting are at our desk for hours a day, it’s important to be as active as possible. And sometimes, that means relying on others for support.health_tips_ch6_BLOG

Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits of “buddying up” when it comes to being more healthy at the office:

  • Time goes by faster. If working out/being active is a chore for you, having someone join you makes time go by faster. You’ll be surprised how soon “It’ll be over before you know it . . .”
  • Extra motivation. On those days when you are feeling sluggish and just don’t want to go for that walk/run, your buddy can help ensure you keep going strong. If that person is in better shape, he/she might just push you to work even harder.
  • Different perspectives. Along the same lines, it can be hard for people to view themselves objectively, especially when it comes to health/fitness. A partner can provide you with an honest assessment, which can help boost your motivation — and self esteem!
  • Someone to celebrate with. Let’s face it, it’s no fun to celebrate accomplishments by yourself. The more the merrier, right?

And who says the “buddying up” method is limited to the office? Look for ways to continue the momentum outside of work. Plan hikes, join a basketball league — do whatever it takes to get you to be more active!

So involve someone else in your efforts to be healthier, you might be surprised how easier it makes the process!



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