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Tech News Bit: Tech-Savvy Seniors

Picking up new skills, especially as you grow older, can be difficult. This is especially true when it comes to technology.

That’s why I was so impressed (and proud) when my grandmother learned how to use email, and more recently, when my mother mastered using a smartphone. It wasn’t easy for them, yet they stuck with it and learned skills that proved extremely useful.community_in_community_BLOG

Another barrier for many seniors when it comes to learning and embracing technology is money, as many seniors are on fixed incomes. Thankfully, there are programs, such as the one highlighted in this NPR article, that aim to help low-income seniors learn the basics of online social media, from taking pictures to tweeting!

It’s a heartwarming article that illustrates that you are never too old to learn. You just have to try!

What was the hardest thing for you pick up technology-wise? For me, it was editing photos. Still is. For some reason, it doesn’t come easy for me.



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