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Tech News Bit: The Mightiest Pen Of Them All?

I love hearing about technology empowering creativity. What better way to intertwine the physical with the abstract? Well, the folks at Adobe have pushed the limits even further with their newest project known as “Mighty.”Adobe-Mighty-diagonal_610x540

Mighty is a powerful little Bluetooth stylus for your tablet that puts an entire arsenal of assorted paintbrushes, pens, and pencils to shame. Even if you’re not the greatest artist, Mighty will have you feeling like a real Picasso in no time.

The real advantage is that you’re no longer tied down to hauling your computer around. Sketch a few things on your tablet and Adobe sends it to the tech gods in the cloud, ready to beam your creative expressions back down to your home computer at your immediate request. What if there’s a lack of internet connectivity? Mighty also has the ability to store your artwork and other miscellaneous information inside of it, which you can transfer to your phone or other touchscreen device with a simple tap.

This little stylus presents obvious possibilities to anyone looking to add that extra touch of detail to their work. Take Mighty with you on your fifteen-minute coffee break before going back to work. This secret weapon set to launch in 2014 easily integrates into web design and business presentations —  enabling you to WOW anyone who sees your work!


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