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Tech News Bit: A Computer Anyone Can Build!

When I was in high school, my Dad tried to steer me toward a tech-related career. While I loved watching my more tech-savvy friends repair and build their own computers, I never seriously considered learning the tricks of the trade.Kano-computer-kit-by-MAP_7

But now that I work at CBT Nuggets and am around technology more, my interest in building computers has been renewed. That’s why I enjoyed reading this Mashable article about a build-it-yourself computer kit that’s due out next year. For a little more than $100, I can finally build my own computer!

An added bonus: the kit also enables users to learn some coding/programming in the process. So maybe it’s not too late for me to fulfill my Dad’s hopes for me — even if it’s just on a knowledge basis. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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