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If Google Glass Could Do This, and More!


Augmented reality has far-reaching potential, and according to this CNET article, a Taiwan-based research group is poised to provide a glimpse of that potential — in a way that could put Hollywood’s flashy versions to shame.

Speaking of doing more with less, body gestures (finger swiping, etc.) are becoming more and more incorporated into user interfaces, especially when it comes to mobile technology. Dice provides this great overview of gesture technology and how it could advance.

A few months ago, we brought to your attention that the FAA was considering easing in-flight restrictions on electronic devices. Well, the FAA has now given the OK. CNET has the details here, including what the decision means for passengers.

Hadoop has been dubbed “the leading Big Data platform” by many. However, there is growing sentiment that Big Data needs more than just Hadoop. This Computerworld article features an interview with a Facebook executive who shares his thoughts about Big Data.

Love em or hate em, video games have had a far-reaching impact on many of our lives. Via NPR is this article that explores how video game influence our behavior, from parenting to money-spending decisions. It’s kind of shocking.

The case for robot cars continues to get stronger — at least according to Google. Here’s a Mashable article that details how robot cars performed safer when they were driving themselves, as opposed to when a human driver took the wheel.

On a related note, nobody likes sitting in traffic and wasting minutes, even hours of their lives. Again from Mashable, is this list of seven apps that aim to make your commute quicker and smoother. Some even use tip from fellow commuters!

A customizable smartphone? Well, it couldn’t get much better than lego-style smartphone! InfoWorld has the scoop on Motorola’s plans to create a smartphone like never before . . . one that might remind you of playing with legos!


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