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New: Cisco VoIP CCNP Voice CIPT2 v8.0 642-457

Multisite VoIP deployments can be challenging, but a new CBT Nuggets training course,  “Cisco VoIP CCNP Voice CIPT2 v8.0 642-457” aims to help users learn the skills they need to perform such deployments.

During this 24-video training course, Jeremy Cioara covers advanced features of Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) in regards to multisite VoIP deployments, including multisite connections, multisite dial plans, and device mobility.186_5_08_13

This training course also covers what users need to know for the 642-457 exam, Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 v8.0 (CIPT2 v8.0), which is one of the exams that must be passed to earn a CCNP voice certification.

Here’s a complete list of videos for this course:

  1. CUCM Multisite: Understanding the Big Picture Design
  2.  Multisite Connections: Connection Options
  3. Multisite Connections: Implementing H.323 and MGCP Gateway Connections
  4. Multisite Connections: Implementing SIP and Intercluster Trunk Connections
  5. Multisite QoS: Addressing QoS Concerns
  6. Multisite Dial Plan: What is a Partition and CSS
  7. Multisite Dial Plan: Dial Plan Scalability and Site Codes
  8. Multisite Dial Plan: PSTN Access – Handling Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  9. Multisite Dial Plan: PSTN Access for Multiple Locations
  10. Multisite Dial Plan: Implementing Intersite PSTN Backup
  11. Multisite Dial Plan: Tail-End Hop-Off (TEHO)
  12. Multisite Dial Plan: CUCM Globalization
  13. Multisite Dial Plan: Understanding MGCP Fallback and SRST
  14. Multisite Dial Plan: SRST, CUCME, and MGCP Fallback Configuration
  15. Multisite Dial Plan: SRST, CUCME, and MGCP Fallback Configuration, Part 2
  16. Multisite Dial Plan: SRST, CUCME, and MGCP Fallback Configuration, Part 3
  17. Multisite Bandwidth: Strategies for Addressing Bandwidth Concerns
  18. Multisite Bandwidth: Call Admission Control – Dial-Peer Limitations and CUCM Locations
  19. Multisite Bandwidth: Automated Alternate Routing
  20. Multisite Bandwidth: Gatekeeper and SIP Preconditions
  21. SAF and CCD: Understanding How SAF and CCD Works
  22. SAF and CCD: Configuring SAF and CCD
  23. Device Mobility: Device Mobility Concepts and Configuration
  24. Device Mobility: Extension Mobility Concepts and Configuration

Build upon your current CUCM knowledge by watching this training!


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