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Training Features 101

At CBT Nuggets, we constantly strive to find ways to enhance your training experience with us. We want to help you watch, learn, and conquer your way to success — whether you want to earn a certification or simply keep up to date on the latest technologies.

We want to remind you that our training videos include a variety of convenient and helpful features. Here’s a quick breakdown of those features. To find out what features are included with a particular video training course, simply click on the course page and look for the feature icons following the course description.

Included with all courses:

  • Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.36.20 PMSpeed control: Watch videos at the pace that best suits your learning style. You can slow down or speed up video playback to make sure you catch everything you need and want.
  • Notes: Write down concepts/material that sticks out to you. Or maybe there’s something you are struggling to grasp and want to review at a later time.
  • Bookmarks: Pick up where you off if you have to stop your training. Mark video segments that contain bits of information that you find especially useful.
  • MP3 downloads: Don’t have access to an internet connection? You can still listen to any of our training offline with these downloads.

In addition to the above features, SOME courses include the following features:Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.36.27 AM

  • Closed captioning: Maybe you are not a native English speaker or have difficulty hearing. No worries, these captions will help you follow the action and keep on top of the material.
  • Transcender practice exams: Use these handy tests to determine what you’ve learned and whether you are are ready to take a certification.
  • Virtual labs: Want to see what you’ve learned put into action? Check out our latest feature which aims to provide hands-on experience in virtual environment — another supplement to your regular video training.
  • NuggetLabs: Files/documents that supplement the video training you watched.



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