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New Course: Salesforce

Salesforce is a hot customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Learn how to use all of its amazing capabilities with this new CBT Nuggets video training course, “Salesforce.”

Join trainer Jim Anthony as he guides you through the basics of Salesforce. During the 20-video course, he teaches you how to navigate Salesforce, build custom reports, work with opportunities, and more.new_course_jim_anthony_salesforce_BLOG

Whether you are a sales rep or an account executive, check out this Salesforce video training.

Here’s the complete video listing for the course:

  1. Salesforce Layout & Overview
  2. Navigating Salesforce
  3. Setting up Salesforce
  4. Using the Salesforce Sidebar
  5. Searching in Salesforce
  6. Working with Records
  7. Salesforce Objects — What are they? How do they relate? How to navigate.
  8. Working with Leads
  9. Working with Standard Reports
  10. Building a Custom Report
  11. Understanding Salesforce Forecasts
  12. Inputting/Updating Salesforce Forecasts
  13. Working with Contacts
  14. Permissions & Access
  15. Modifying the User Interface
  16. Working with the Page Layouts
  17. Working with Accounts
  18. Maximize Productivity with Salesforce
  19. Working with Dashboards
  20. Working with Opportunities

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