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Apple Unveils iPad Air, and More!


Apple earlier this week revealed the iPad Air, the latest in its line of iPad tablets. Mashable breaks down the new tablet here. It’s got some pretty spiffy features, including a faster processor. But will the iPad Air keep Apple at the the top of the tablet market?

There might be less expensive and more versatile options out there, but Microsoft Office still rules the workplace according to this InfoWorld study. The main reason why shouldn’t be a shocker: More people are familiar with the popular suite of tools.

Collaboration is key to success in many industries these days, especially in IT. So much, that Cisco is placing an emphasis on enterprise collaboration tools such as instant messaging. Read more at Computerworld. How important is collaboration at your workplace?

Here’s a fascinating look at privacy  and how it’s becoming hard to maintain it, due to platforms such as Facebook or Google Street view. Did you know companies make a lot of money off your data, too? Mashable has the scoop here.

Threat reports usually don’t invoke positive feelings. However, this Computerworld blog post argues that some good can come from these reports because they provide individuals/companies to assess their security practices and measures.

Nintendo has seen better days, but there’s no denying that the original Wii was a game-changer. Unfortunately, Nintendo has announced it’s ceasing production on the original Wii in order to focus on other areas. This CNET article explains the decision.

We recently shared a story from NPR about a generator powered by fire. This week, again from NPR, is an article about a a soft, flexible lamp that can be tucked into a variety of space, and even used as a pillow. Talk about a comfy way to brighten your night!

And finally . . . from Techopedia is this awesome info-graph detailing how four major criminals were by computer technology. It makes you wonder: was it easier to get away with crimes before all of these advances in technology? Our guess is yes.



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