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15 Common IT Job Search Mistakes, and More!


Job hunting is never easy, even within industries that are thriving, such as healthcare or IT. But this Computerworld article is here to help! Learn how to avoid making 15 common IT job-hunting mistakes and potentially increase your chances of landing the job you covet.

This Mashable article covers the latest Akamai State of the Internet report that covers the second quarter of 2013. Among its interesting finds: Hong Kong has the fastest internet and the most malicious internet traffic comes from Indonesia.

Earlier this week, Microsoft began releasing Windows 8.1, the upgrade for its much-maligned Windows 8 operating system. From Computerworld are the details about the anticipated release. However, the upgrade might not be enough to reverse Windows 8’s misfortunes.

Oh, why can’t companies just play nice? This InfoWorld article discusses that while Google’s practice of scanning gmail messages is questionable and that Microsoft’s ads bashing Google over the practice are effective, Microsoft isn’t so innocent either.

If you live within Sydney, Australia’s central business district, textbook delivery just got more convenient and a lot more cooler. Read this CNET article to learn about a startup company that will use drones to deliver textbooks. Customers could receive their books in two minutes!

Could wallets become a thing of the past? It’s very possible when you consider the smartphone apps highlighted in this Yahoo! News article. As these apps become more popular and widespread, more and more people will turn to mobile payment apps. Are you using one already?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a generator along for a camping trip, especially when a fire just won’t cut it. Well, now you can! This NPR article showcases a generator that’s powered by, what else, fire! What do you think? Would you buy one?

And finally, what if you could control electronic devices with the wink of an eye? This CNET article explores high-tech makeup products that could enable you to do just that. And the colors aren’t half bad, either! How cool would it be to control devices with your cool nail polish?


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