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Wireless Charging from 30 Feet Away, and More!


Here’s a potential game-changer: a company claims to have created a device that can charge multiple devices at the same time up to 30 feet — wirelessly! Can you imagine how nice that would be? Via InfoWorld, read more about the device.

Apple’s iPhone 5S was unveiled earlier this week. While many consumers have yet to get their hands on the new smartphone, that hasn’t stopped people from suggesting what the iPhone 6 should offer. Read this CNET article to learn about some of those ideas.

Are Big Data and football an unlikely combination? Not as much as you might think. This ComputerWorld article covers how Big Data is changing football, even as far as fantasy football. Read the article to find out how far-reaching Big Data is!

Here’s a great look from Dice about Google’s foray into K-12 education. The Google Play for Education program aims to make it easier for schools and students to access technology that can enhance learning opportunities. Read the complete article here.

The Web as pay-per-view? That’s a scary thought, but if Verizon has its way in court, it could signal a move to making the web more like cable television. This InfoWorld blog post spells out the situation and the impact of a Verizon victory. What do you think?

Talk about practical and way cool! A 15-year-old high school student created a flashlight that’s powered by body heat (the palms of your hands). As a result, she’s been invited to the prestigious Google Science Fair. Read this Mashable interview with this talented girl.

Despite the fact that current versions of its Surface tablets have fared poorly, Microsoft is standing behind the tablet and plans to release updated versions later this month. ComputerWorld takes a look at Microsoft’s decision here.

Camera-shy? Here’s one solution — if you enjoy dresses. A designer has created dresses that sense when cameras are focused on them and then interferes with the shot, causing images to be blurry. Read more at Mashable.


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