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How to Upgrade to iOS7, and More!


Apple’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated iOS 7 was released this week. From Business Insider, here’s what you need to know about upgrading your iPhone to iOS 7. Hint: You need an iPhone 4 or newer for it to work.

Gamification is primed for big growth. That’s because several big companies are turning to gamification to help them increase productivity. Read more about it here. Has your company looked into gamification?

Virtualization is huge these days. So it’s always good to be up to date on different virtualized desktops. Dice takes an in-depth look at Citrix and whether it’s the best remote server on the market. Read the full review here. What do you think?

Talk about getting them started early: NPR’s tech blog highlights a board game that aims to teach coding — to preschoolers! The post also includes an interview with the game’s creator. Read more about this amazing board game here.

From Mashable is an article about a company that creates technology that enables people to control a tablet with their eyes. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap. But think of the massive potential it holds, especially for people with disabilities.

The Windows 8 phone got a thumbs up from the U.S. government when it comes to security. Does this make you more likely to consider a Windows phone in future? Read the CNET article here.

Thinking about pursuing a degree in computer science? You’ll want to check out this ranking of the top U.S. universities/colleges to get computer science degrees from — based on earning potential.

Speaking of colleges, the University of Michigan is attempting to break the world record for largest student hackathon, which was set recently by one of its rivals, Penn State University. Read about this exciting event at Mashable!


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