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New Course: Microsoft MCSA Windows 8 70-688

Introducing a new video training course from CBT Nuggets, “Microsoft MCSA Windows 8 70-688.”

Trainer James Conrad guides you through this 28-video course that covers the latest version of Windows. Topics that he’ll discuss and break down include Windows to Go, IPv6 and Wireless, designing a recovery solution, and more.james_mcsa_70-688_BLOG

Videos in this course include:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Windows to Go
  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  4. Session Virtualization, Multiboot, Native VHD Boot
  5. Alternative Installation Methods
  6. User Profiles
  7. Migration and Folder Redirection
  8. Desktop Applications
  9. App-V
  10. Internet Explorer
  11. Office 365
  12. Windows Store and Applocker
  13. Name Resolution and IPv4
  14. IPv6 and Wireless
  15. Windows Firewall
  16. VPN Connections
  17. Remote Administration: WinRM and RDP
  18. Remote Administration: PowerShell, RSAT, MMC
  19. Remote Administration: Local vs Microsoft Accounts, Workgroups vs Domain
  20. Authentication: Login Alternatives and Smartcards
  21. Manage Data Storage
  22. Manage Data Security
  23. Manage Hardware and Printers
  24. Manage Mobile Devices
  25. Design a Recovery Solution
  26. Manage Endpoint Security
  27. Manage Clients by Using Windows Intune
  28. Monitor and Maintain Clients by Using MDOP

This course also prepares you for the 70-688 exam, which, along with passing the 70-687 exam, is required for MCSA Windows 8 certification. CBT Nuggets offers a, MCSA Windows 8 certification playlist and 70-687 and 70-688 practice exams.

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