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Jim Talks Mobile Tech

CBT Nuggets trainer Jim Anthony recently spent two weeks at CBT Nuggets headquarters, where he helped train our sales team members on Salesforce.

He also took some time to sit down and discuss one of his areas of expertise — mobile technology. It’s a timely discussion since mobile app technology is booming!221_5_08_13

Jim spent more than two decades in sales. About 15 of those years were spent selling high-end technology. It was during that time he said that he became interested in mobile technology. He quickly started thinking about a career change.

“I loved the technology,” Jim said. “I realized that I wanted to be working with it, not selling it.”

He also realized early on that the mobile technology field held enormous potential. And with the recent surge in popularity of smartphones and tablets, Jim’s belief has held true.

He said that he uses the a “gold rush analogy” to describe mobile tech’s potential.

“You have the miners who obviously were mining the gold,” Jim explained. “They needed gloves, boots, and axes. So surrounding businesses thrived, too. With mobile technology, there’s training, device management, security and so on. You can build businesses around it.”

Jim, who is Apple-certified, first had to earn a technical certification before trying for the Apple Mobile Technical Competency (MTC) certification. He turned to CBT Nuggets and Keith Barker’s Network+ video training course to help. Despite not having a technical background, he earned a 95 on his certification exam!

He said that people who are exploring the mobile technology field should utilize whatever resources are available, whether it be training or relying on tech support. For example, Jim said that Apple’s support services are very good.

And on that note, it should come as no surprise (because he holds an Apple certification) that Jim’s favorite mobile devices are the iPhone and iPad. As for what mobile apps he enjoys using, here are some of the top ones:

  • EverNote: a note-taking and archiving software program that can incorporate images and voice memos.
  • CalenMob: a Google calendar application that can be used without an internet connection and can be synched with a Google account.
  • ToodleDo: a powerful and versatile note-taking and task-managing manager that’s for iPads, iPhones, and even iPods!
  • HoursTracker: another powerful task manager that enables users to specifically track how much time they spend on various tasks and projects.

We also should mention that Jim participated in a Warrior Dash race while he was here. He didn’t shy away from getting into the thick of things, as you can tell from the photo below. Who wouldn’t want to be trained by someone who possesses that kind of fun-loving nature?


Jim is all smiles after completing a particularly hair-raising (and muddy) segment of the Warrior Dash race.


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