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Eight Hot IT Skills for 2014, and More!


Looking to enter the IT workforce or switch career paths? Well, it’s good time to be in IT, especially if you want to be/are a developer. From Computerworld, here’s a list of the top in-demand IT skills for 2014. Do you agree with the article’s picks?

Microsoft announced the release of its Surface Pro 2 tablet on Monday, with hopes that it will fare better than the original Surface Pro. This Mashable article breaks down the Surface Pro 2, including its pros and cons. Would you think about buying one?

Dice has done an outstanding job reporting on the topic of women working in IT (or the lack thereof). Its latest piece explores how companies can do a better job of retaining their female IT employees. What are your thoughts?

Great news for frequent flyers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could soon be easing up in regards in-flight restrictions on electronic devices. This InfoWorld article explains the decision. Wouldn’t this make longer trips more bearable?

Teenagers can post the darndest things online, without realizing that tweet or photo could come back to haunt them when it comes to applying for jobs. Now, at least in California, they have a chance to erase their online paper trail. Latest-IT-News has the story!

More and more people are turning to standing desks, in wake of research that says sitting for prolonged periods of time can be bad for your health. This Fast Company article highlights a desk that knows when you need to stand and then sit.

Amazon is making a big push for its Kindle Fires to be what you use to consume information. It recently announced the release of a new line of Kindle Fires. This CNET article breaks down the features of the three new devices.

Get up to speed on 4K TV with this article from Mashable. In a nutshell, 4K TV promises a viewing experience like never before — and several companies such as Panasonic are making 4K their primary focus in upcoming years. Are your eyes ready for 4K?


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