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Behind the Course: Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery

Editor’s note: Trainer Anthony Sequeira, one half of the duo behind CBT Nuggets “Cisco Routing and Switching Troubleshooting Mastery” course, recently sat down with us to talk about this innovative course.

keith_anthony_rands_troubleshoot_update_BLOG CBT Nuggets: Why did you and Keith decide to team up together for this CBT Nuggets course?

Anthony: Keith and I have worked together on and off at IT training companies since 1996. When Keith joined CBT Nuggets full time, I dreamed about joining him there full time as well some day. That dream pretty quickly became a reality and I am just thrilled about working side by side with him again. Keith and I have become BFFs (Best Friends Forever) and we have often talked about wrapping up our careers together with a remarkable organization. That organization is clearly CBT Nuggets. In previous training positions, Keith and I did teach classes together and loved doing so, therefore the teaming up on Nuggets was a “no-brainer” for us.

 CBT Nuggets: Why a course in Cisco R&S troubleshooting?

Anthony: Cisco has been on a HUGE emphasis with troubleshooting in all levels of R&S certification. This has grown out of a demand from the IT industry itself. As organizations depend on the network more and more every quarter, even the shortest outages are causing major losses of productivity and revenues. We wanted to address this push in the industry and Cisco certification head on.

CBT Nuggets: Is it true that your course covers all levels of Cisco certification?

 Anthony: <laughs> OK, well, let me be specific here — our course covers the CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE R&S. So no, not all levels and all tracks, but the major ones for the R&S discipline. We start each Nugget making it very clear which levels the Nugget targets. So for example, at the beginning of our “Troubleshooting BGP Adjacencies” Nugget, we make it clear that it is not for the CCENT and CCNA crowd. They are certainly encouraged to watch, but it won’t track to their exams at that level.

CBT Nuggets: Are you and Keith planning more collaborative Nugget courses?

Anthony: Oh yeah – I think it is very safe to say that we will ALWAYS have a course in progress from both of us. We love to do these in addition to our solo works. I guess we are like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra <laughs>. Can you guess which one of us has the drinking problem? <laughs>

CBT Nuggets: What is the best part of doing the Nuggets together?

Anthony: Well, for Keith and I producing them, it is the fact that we can discuss them at length together before we kick off and ensure they are the best Nuggets we have seen. It is the classic “two heads are better than one” phenomenon. For our viewers, I think they are really enjoying the variety. Keith and I have pretty dramatically different approaches and styles, so it is a nice mix.

Anthony also wanted to thank everyone who has watched the Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery course so far, especially those who have provided feedback to him and Keith.


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