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‘Apple Is Doomed,’ Says Paul Krugman, and More!


Renowned economist Paul Krugman (self-admittedly) isn’t much of a tech guru, but that didn’t stop him from offering his take on Apple. Unfortunately, his outlook for the company isn’t promising. Read this Motely Fool article to find out what Krugman had to say.

Amid outcry from some in the IT industry, Microsoft announced that it’s canceling its masters-level certification program. The reason? There’s a very small amount of IT pros in the program. Read this InfoWorld article to learn more and why people are upset.

It’s already bad enough that you have to worry about someone hacking your computer or your smartphone. Soon you might have to worry about your car, too! As vehicles rely more on computers, this Yahoo! article highlights how they could be targeted. Scary, right?

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners, are you looking for a cool accessory to go with your phone? Look no further! Samsung unveiled its smartwatch, which is capable of taking photos, downloading messages, and more. Read the Yahoo! story here.

Virtual assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, are pretty awesome. Companies have long talked about virtual assistant apps that can do even more — such as remind you that your favorite shirt is on sale. ComputerWorld has this fascinating look at such apps.

Solar energy is all the rage these days. More homeowners and business owners are turning to solar panels to be more efficient and save money. Solar panels, however, are costly. From Mashable, here’s a possible alternative that’s much less expensive.

CBT Nuggets offers project management training. And via Dice, here’s a great overview of why project management skills are crucial, especially when it comes to tech-related projects. Do you agree with the author?

In past roundups, we’ve provided links to stories about the potential benefits of 3D printing. Now it’s time for drones to step into the spotlight. From Mashable, here’s an article about how drones could help assist heart-attack victims. Cool, right?


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