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College textbooks are expensive. A semester’s worth at many universities can easily cost hundreds of dollars. However, Lynn University is turning to technology (iPads to be specific) to help students cut costs. Read this Inside Higher Ed article to learn more!

Unemployment has hit a lot of areas hard. But there are some industries that are thriving and providing huge boosts for local employment. No surprise — technology is one of them, according to this Dice article.

If you are an Ironman fan, you know how awesome it is when Tony Stark uses hand gestures to create hologram designs for his Ironman armor. Guess what? Elon Musk (who some call a real-life Stark) is working to make this reality. Slashdot has the details here!

From Computerworld is this provocative op-ed piece about why Bill Gates would be hard-pressed to reverse Microsoft’s fortunes. It argues that one of the reasons is because the company has focused too much on Windows. Read the entire piece here.

With new versions of smartphones being released so often these days, chances are you will be discarding a phone soon. Before you do, though, make sure it’s wiped clean of data. This Mashable article explains how to make sure your data is removed from a phone.

Speaking of cellphones, when was the last time you used a pay phone? It’s probably been awhile, as pay phones appear to be a thing of the past. Hold that thought, New York City might have a plan to resurrect pay phones. Here’s the Mashable story.

Add IBM to the growing list of companies that are limiting traditional freebies such as updates to paying customers only. InfoWorld explores the decision and the impact it could have on the company and consumers. Click here to read more.

Last week it was driverless cars. This week we are bringing you . . . wait for it . . . flying cars! A company is very close to making this often talked about dream a reality. Not surprisingly, there are some hoops to jump through. Mashable provides the scoop.


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