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Candidates Want Training Included in Job Offers, and More!


Weekend’s here, and that means it’s time for some links to some good reads. This week, we’ve got everything from the HIT job landscape to really weird apps.

Pay, health benefits, and vacation time all are important and desired components of job offers. But what about IT training? According to this Dice article, more IT professionals want training included in job offers and that plays a factor in applying for jobs. It seems to be a reasonable request. What do you think?

Speaking of jobs, more and more people are looking for jobs in IT. While that might mean more competition, this Dice article suggests overall that this is good news.

If you use a mobile device, good luck not leaving a trail of information behind. Just about anytime someone sends something digitally, something is left behind. Mashable explains how things thought to be erased can be easily retrieved. It might might you think twice before sending that message or photo. Read the article here.

Google Glass has drawn criticism for various (and valid) reasons, from its price tag to privacy concerns. However, it’s important not to overlook the amazing potential this technology possesses. Mashable highlights how Google Glass is impacting those with disabilities. It’s pretty powerful and touching stuff. Read about it here.

It was only a matter of time: IBM is working to develop a computer system that thinks like a human. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. Thankfully, Mashable does a great job in this article of breaking down how this technology could work. What do you think?

Computerworld has an interesting look at software industry trends this year — more specifically a debunking of myths regarding these trends. You might find the results of the Forrester Research survey interesting.

From the department of “Are you serious?” comes a story about an app that encourages you to throw your smartphone as high as you can up into the air — just to measure how high it traveled. You’ve got to read about it to believe it. Doesn’t seem worth breaking your phone over, but sadly someone out there probably has . . .

And finally, here’s our public service announcement for the week. You might have heard about the woman in China who was electrocuted when she answered a phone call while her iPhone was charging. In response to concerns about third-party iPhone chargers, Apple announced a take back program. InfoWorld has the details here.


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