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Tech News: Big Data Training vs. Education


From Big Data to jetpacks, we’ve got little bit of everything for you in this week’s roundup. We hope you enjoy links to some of this week’s top tech-related stories!

Big Data is, well, BIG these days. Last year, one publication last year dubbed Big Data as the most appealing job of the 21st century. As a result, more and more people are rushing to become data scientists or engineers who can support Big Data technologies. However, this Dice article cautions that it’s important to do your research before taking the plunge.

We’ve always known that mobile ads are pesky, but they also can pose serious security threats to mobile devices. A team of researchers at Palo Alto Networks has determined more Android malware is being spread through mobile ads. Read this InfoWorld story to learn about this growing problem.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Apple released the iPhone 5, yet, the iPhone 5S is expected to hit the market early next month. There’s already quite a bit we know about the latest version of the iPhone, such as the mixed reactions to iOS 7. And this Slashdot article highlights even more things customers can expect from the new smartphone.

Facebook’s app is already the top app out there — having eclipsed Google Map’s stronghold — and now the social media giant is primed to distance itself even further. It has purchased Mobile Technologies, a speech recognition and machine translation technology company. Read about it here.

At CBT Nuggets, we think Bitcoin is pretty cool. In fact, we’ve accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment on our website since March. If you are new to the party or need a refresher on this digital currency, check out this Mashable article. It provides a good breakdown of Bitcoin. Have you embraced it yet?

To be or not to be? That seems to be the story regarding Microsoft’s latest video game console, the Xbox One. Since hitting the market, Microsoft has made four major policy changes regarding the console. And according to this CNBC story, more could be on the way. How are you liking the Xbox One so far?

How can you tell if a photo is legit or not? These days, it can be difficult due to so many advanced software programs. But help could soon be on the way. A new technology has been develop to help spot fakes — using shadows. Read this article to learn more. This might make people think twice before altering a photo for deceptive means.

And we’ll end things on a super cool note . . . Ever wanted to soar into the air? Well, a jetpack certainly could enable you to do that, and the possibility of using one legally has taken a giant step toward becoming reality — at least in Australia. Read this Mashable article to find out more!


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