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New Course: Cisco CCNA Wireless IUWNE 640-722

CBT Nuggets is pleased to announce a new video training course, “Cisco CCNA Wireless IUWNE 640-722.”

This 26-video course with trainer Keith Barker covers Cisco wireless technology, specifically the fundamentals of wireless local area networks (WLANs).keith-wireless-blog He teaches you how to install and troubleshoot WLANs, as well as how to keep them secure. Topics covered include RF 101, frame types and etiquette, and more.

The video training also prepares you to take the 640-722 exam, which is associated with the CCNA Wireless certification.

Videos in this series include:

  1. Welcome to Wireless
  2. Terms and Topology
  3. Standards and Regulations
  4. RF 101
  5. Power Math
  6. Antennas
  7. 802.11 and Friends
  8. Frame Types and Etiquette
  9. A Tale of 10 Frames
  10. Other Wireless Technologies
  11. AP & WLC (Dynamic Duo)
  12. VLANS and SSIDS (preparing the switch)
  13. Deploy the WLC
  14. Ahhh, the first WLAN
  15. WLC Discovery
  16. AP a’la Mode
  17. Roaming
  18. Converting APs
  19. Security 101.5
  20. 802.1x & EAP
  21. Encryption Keys and AAA Servers
  22. Web Authentication
  23. WCS
  24. Troubleshooting WLANs
  25. Rogue APs
  26. Clients

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