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Tech News: App Market Problems, and More!


It’s that time of week again! Here’s some links to some of this week’s fun and thought-provoking articles — tech and IT style, of course. Enjoy!

There’s tons of free apps out there. And as more and more people switch from PCs to phones/tablets, the demand for apps will only increase. But with so many people used to downloading apps for free, how do the companies that develop apps make a profit? From Yahoo! News, here’s a look at that problem and possible solutions. Read the article here.

Keeping your smartphone and its contents secure is vital. But let’s be honest, it can be a pain to enter passwords, etc. every time you want to unlock your phone. Well, Apple might have a more convenient solution: fingerprint scanning. Read this Mashable article to learn more.

The Android landscape is pretty crowded these days. According to a TechHive article, there’s about three times as many distinct android products currently in use. And that’s a trend that isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Read the complete article to find out what this means for android devices.

What’s the opposite of the iPhone 5? Try Motorola’s recently released Moto X smartphone. While it probably won’t impact sales enough to pose a serious threat to Apple, it should appeal to users who want more options — it has plenty. Plus it comes in a lot of fun colors. Read this CNET article to learn more about this new device. Would you buy one?

Just how much does Google know about you? The answer might surprise you. This Wall Street Journal article provides a detailed look at how Google collects and uses the information it gathers. What do you think? Is it too much?

The BYOD (bring your own device) movement is picking up in the IT world. And why not? Everyone has their own preferences about what they like and what makes them comfortable. However, there are risks associated with BYOD policies. Read this ComputerWorld story to learn more.

In the market for an IT consultant? It’s important to do your homework, so that you find someone who can best meet your needs. A new CIO article provides some great advice about what to look for when it comes to making a hire. Read it here.

Talk about a little bit cool — and crazy. Students at a Texas university (as part of a class experiment) were able to send fake GPS signals to a ship and force it off course. The scary thing was how easy it was to do. It also highlighted some potential security flaws that need to be corrected. Read the Mashable article here.


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