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World Premiere: NuggetCast!

CBT Nuggets proudly presents the premiere of NuggetCast, our new video podcast series!

NuggetCast is another source to help you get fired up about training. Join our rock star trainers, as well as some complete unknowns (CBT Nuggets team members), as they make it easy and fun to learn IT, project management, office productivity, and more!1440x1440_nuggetcast

The topic of our first NuggetCast is Ajax. No, no, not the household cleaning product. We’re talking about AJAX, the group of web development technologies! We hope you watch, learn, conquer, and laugh your way through this informative and engaging 14-minute video podcast. Check it out here.

A new NuggetCast will be released every other week, so stay tuned for future video podcasts. You can watch them on our YouTube channel, our blog, and through iTunes.


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