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Tech News: Spell Check with Digital Pen, and More!


From pens that can spell check to network security at educational institutions, this week’s installment of Tech News should keep you entertained. Happy reading!

Few things are more frustrating than, while writing something important, stumbling on a word that you can’t spell, and then attempting to cover it up with an inky mess. Help may be on the way though, thanks to a Kickstarter project. Read this Mashable article to learn about an amazing digital pen!

Usually when we think about security threats, we think hackers and viruses, both of which are legit threats. However, this article from Slashdot reveals a surprising pick as the top IT security risk here. Has your company taken measures to reduce this potential threat?

Speaking of security, there is growing concern about the vulnerabilities of Google Glass. However, this InfoWorld article argues that it’s no different than what can happen with smartphones–and that privacy is one of the tradeoffs of improved technology. Do you agree?

This CIO article is a good reminder of what not to do when working on an IT project (even though we know that most of our readers don’t fall under these categories). Have you ever had to deal with these  any of these issues?

And here is an in-depth and interesting look at network security, education-style. Last year, there was a spike in the number of data breaches at universities, colleges, and schools. This blog post provides a lot of information about keeping student records and more safe.

Are you a controversial person, or do you tend to talk about provocative topics? If you have an iPhone, it could be tough to get your point across, because it appears certain words are frowned upon by Apple’s iOS 6 spell check feature. Read about it here at Business Insider.

Hashtags are no longer just a Twitter thing. They’re everywhere now. But exactly how do they work, and how can using them benefit you? Check out this Yahoo! article to find out about #hashtags101.

And last but not least, we just can’t get enough of 3D printers. We’ve provided links in previous Tech News posts about some of the potential amazing uses of 3D printing, including helping a duck get a new foot. So here is another article on a fun application of 3D printing: surfboards.


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