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Open Source Jobs are Booming, and More


Newspaper not enough for you? No worries, you can supplement it with some links to some of this week’s most interesting tech- and IT-related stories.

It might surprise you, but there are plenty of jobs to be found in the open-source job market. We know that sounds weird, considering most open-source software, apps, etc. are free. Read this InfoWorld article to learn more about why open source companies are hiring.

Perhaps the biggest newsmaker this week was Google’s unveiling of Chromecast, a device that makes streaming from your television to laptop, tablet, or mobile phone easy and affordable. Mashable provides a very hands-on break down of this exciting device.

Wouldn’t it be great if, when you need to make a lane change on a congested highway, your car could communicate with cars in the other lane — making that lane change safer and less stressful? In wake of several tragic accidents, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is advocating connected technology between vehicles to help reduce collisions. Read the Computerworld article here!

Here’s another entry into the smartphone war: Ubuntu. But there’s a catch. The company is hoping to raise $32 million to start up the venture. It’s an ambitious plan. To find out more about campaign and the planned smartphone, click here. Would you chip in to get this project off the ground?

A Motley Fool blog post that argues the Microsoft Windows era is coming to an end. It’s a pretty thought-provoking and breaks down several areas where Windows has struggled. Read the complete post here. Are you still a Windows fan?

One of the greatest things about technology is that as it evolves, it has the potential to improve and enhance peoples’ lives. For example, Microsoft researchers are working to make sign language readable by its Kinect technology. Read this Mashable article to learn more about this cool project.

Do you create and develop video games? Now there’s an easy way to publish your games: Xbox One. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that users will be able to release games they develop on the new console. Read this Yahoo! News article to learn more. Will this motivate you to create a mind-blowing game?

And finally, here’s a look at the future of screen displays from Syracuse University’s Information Space blog. Screens that are flexible? Wow! Read about the next wave of awesome screen displays here!


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