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Trainers Sound Off: Never Stop Learning!

All that hard work has paid off. You’ve landed your dream IT job and the paycheck and prestige that comes with the position. It’s tempting to sit back and be content. And that’s perfectly fine, if you want to.

But NEVER stop learning.

It sounds so “DUH!” But it can’t be stressed enough, especially when it comes to IT-related matters.

Technology is constantly evolving. In the blink of an eye, a new product or update is released. So to keep up to date and continue to thrive, you need to be willing to learn new technologies and practices, according to several CBT Nuggets trainers.trainer_thoughts-BLOG-alt2

“Continue to be hungry,” said CBT Nuggets trainer Jim Anthony. “Be smart, don’t take anything for granted.”

Jim cautioned that if you don’t evolve with technology too, you run the risk of appearing uninformed and undermining your credibility.

Or even worse, you might stop being passionate about the work you are doing. That’s why CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara said that a humble approach can serve you well.

“You never know it all,” Jeremy said. “If you think that you do, and stop learning, your career will be short-lived. Or you’ll stop enjoying it.”

But the good news is that there’s a simple way to make sure you stay engaged: pick an IT path that interests you. It’s much easier to learn when you are engaged. It’s also more fun.

“Understand that some areas of IT are a really difficult study,” said CBT Nuggets trainer Anthony Sequeira. “Make sure you find out what you are passionate about.”

221_5_08_13An added bonus of soaking up every bit of knowledge career-wise that you can? You might find that it helps you pick up other things quicker. For example, Anthony said that before going into IT, he would have found learning to fly a plane too difficult.

Today, he has his pilot license! He attributes it to the learning skills he has developed as an IT professional, something other trainers attest to.

“Technology has made me a better learner,” Jim added. “Again, to be good in IT, you have to want to learn.”

So there you have it: Always be willing and trying to learn. Otherwise you might find yourself stuck at some point, instead of advancing as an IT pro!


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