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Tech News: The Place to Work Is In… and More!


The moment you’ve been waiting for all week has arrived! So we hope you enjoy these week’s collection of notable tech-related articles. As usual, it covers a random but riveting assortment of topics-ranging from an unlikely IT hotbed to smart socks!

Quick! Where’s the top place to work in IT? Silicon Valley? Redmond? Good guesses, and logical ones. But you’d be wrong. The correct answer will probably shock you, because this city has made headlines in the past because of its sluggish economy. Read this Dice article to find out what city tops the list.

Got  problem? If it’s IT-related, it won’t be hard to find help. This Computerworld opinion piece suggests that IT geeks love solving problems, so don’t be shy about letting them handle your problems. Do you fall under this category?

Describing tablets in one word is easy these days: HOT! More and more Americans, especially those in their 30s and 40s, are turning to the versatile devices. This Dice article breaks down the tablet market very well. Click here to read. Perhaps on your tablet… Or maybe you’ll go out buy one after reading.

Think you’ve got what it takes to crack Windows 8 security features? Or make them even tougher to penetrate? Well, then you could earn a nice payday. According to this InformationWeek article, Microsoft is offering bug bounties. To find out how much and how to try to collect one, click here!

Talk about thin! Check out this new smartphone from China-based Huawei. It’s size isn’t the only thing impressive about this phone. Read more about it here at The Week. What do you think? Is that too small?

Speaking of which, all of us have dropped our phones once or twice (sometimes even more than that!).  And unfortunately, some of us are left with cracked phone screens. Well, iPhone owners, there’s a potential fix for that problem! Read about it in this YAHOO! article here.

Enough with smartphones, right? How about smart watches? This Motley Fool articles suggests that Apple’s smart watch could be the next big thing. Question is, how strong will the market be for it? Read more here.

Or even better, how about smart socks! Check out this CNET article to find out more. They are supposed to help you run more effectively, but will they tell you when it’s time to replace your socks as well? Or if polka dot socks look good on you?


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