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Tech News: Keeping Your Data Private From the NSA, and More


From the NSA fallout to iOS 7 to video game consoles, it was a busy week in the IT and tech world! We hope your weekend is a litte more relaxing. Here are links to some of the headlines that made waves this week. Enjoy!

In wake of the all of the National Security Agency hoopla is this article from Dice. There are ways to keep your data more private, but overall, there’s always going to  Read about what you can do for now here.

Probably the biggest newsmaker in the tech world was the unveiling of iOS 7 (to be released this fall). It features a more modern look, a revamped Siri, and more. Want a straight-forward, yet, detailed break down of iOS 7? Check out this article from TidBits.

As you might have expected, opinions about iOS 7 are mixed. One of the biggest criticisms so far is its appearance. For example, some designers are saying that the new, flatter icons, well, fell flat. This Co.Design article looks at the design of iOS 7, including the pros and cons.

And this should add a little more fuel to the iPhone vs. Android debate. This CNET article points out that iphone owners are more likely to stick with iPhones when it’s time to upgrade than Android users.

This is the last smartphone article (at least this week), we promise. Ever lost or had your device stolen? Would you be in favor of kill switches for smartphones? It’s one way to possibly deter the theft of smartphones. NPR takes a look at kill switches, including cons.

Speaking off, the video gaming war is heating up. Microsoft announced that its new Xbox One console will be $499. It’s a steep price, but Microsoft is touting it as much more than a gaming console–it will be a one-stop entertainment device. It will be interesting to see the cost of Sony’s PS4 console. Read about it here.

Ready to make the move from tester to developer? Learn what you can do to make that transition seamless in this Dice article! Let us know if you find this information helpful.

Finally, in the WOW! category, an article from TakePart suggests that an app designed to help people identify different birds’ songs, may in fact, be harming birds. Who knew? But read on and you’ll see how it’s plausible.


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