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Tech News: Will IT Exist in 5 Years?


Another week has gone by, and as always, plenty of IT- and tech-related topics made headlines. Here’s a quick round up some of them.

How’s this for provocative? This InfoWorld article article suggests that IT departments won’t exist in several years. What do you think? Seems kind of hard to believe at this point because of the role IT plays in our society.

Wearable technology (wristbands that measure biometrics, Google Glasses, etc.) has a lot of potential to improve our lives. But this article from Dice points out that the benefits of wearable technology could be negated by the privacy concerns. Do you share the same concerns?

Is Apple’s refusal to support cross-platform software hurting the company? This InformationWeek article thinks so.How often has this been an issue for you? Does it prevent you from jumping on the Apple bandwagon?

And here’s an article on Windows 8.1. Microsoft is pitching the reveal more as an enterprise solution, despite the fact that not many businesses have embraced the new operating system.

Deal with server virtualization often? Or maybe you are just interested in virtual technology? Either way, here’s a list of best practices for server virtualization from

Browsers. Everyone has their own preference. Some prefer classics like Internet Explorer, others go with Google Chrome. So which browser is the best? Also from Techopedia is this awesome infographic comparing them!

According to this article from ComputerWorld, a certain type of software that was once cast aside, is making a comeback. It might surprise you.

Are you an extreme kind of person? Or at least pretty rough on your phone? Well, this the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smartphone could be the perfect solution for you. It’s durable and even waterproof! Mashable has the details here.

And finally, looking to save money? Here’s an article that shares ways to cut your bills down by eliminating/reducing your reliance on technology and the like.


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