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New Course: Linux in the Real World

Announcing the completion of the most anticipated training course in CBT Nuggets history: “Linux in the Real World.”
Yes, it’s finally done.

To make this innovative course, Linux expert Shawn Powers asked viewers to watch the first video, then take a short survey to steer the direction of the rest of the series. What started as a three-month project stretched across the seasons as Shawn worked to address the massive amount of viewer feedback that resulted.

“While not planned, the long production cycle meant a new major version of Ubuntu was released,” Shawn said. “So we got to upgrade our test environment in a real world situation!”

But the blood, sweat and tears were worth it: Linux in the Real World offers viewers a unique “virtual internship” experience.

“I’m really happy we did this series,” Shawn said. “Extended production time aside, I tried to be as real as possible. You’ll see me make mistakes, and—hopefully—deal with those mistakes.

“I tried to sanitize the videos as little as possible, because let’s face it, real life is messy!”

Shawn’s labor of love resulted in a course covering everything from network configuration to LDAP authentication. Check out Linux in the Real World now!


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