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Tech News: Can You Hack This Smartphone App for $15k? and More!


It’s that time of week again! Here’s a round up of some of this week’s most interesting tech-related headlines (This week, we are with a theme, for the most part: security/hacking). So without further ado:

A company is putting money where it’s mouth is. It’s so confident about the security of its new smartphone app, that it’s offering a lucrative challenge, according to this InformationWeek article. Think you’ve got what it takes?

You probably heard or read about the Associated Press’ Twitter account recently being hacked. In wake of that, Twitter has issued a warning about additional threats. Read about it in this CNET article.

Speaking of hacking, what do you think about this bill that’s being proposed by the Dutch government? Read about it in this Computerworld article!

In related news, check out this story from It breaks down five ways malware is successful and able to thrive. Maybe it’ll help you better protect your system from malware.

If you use Windows XP, protecting yourself from threats could become more difficult, according to this article from InfoWorld.

Breaking away from the security/hacking theme, here’s a quick update from YAHOO! News about iOS 7, which is scheduled for widespread release in September. Are you looking forward to it?

And finally, you’ve probably heard about Google Glasses, but maybe you never found out what they are (and aren’t) capable of. Well, never fear, this article will get you up to speed. Spoiler alert: they don’t give provide wears with x-ray vision capabilities.


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