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Tech News: How to Improve Efficiency as an IT Professional, and More!


The weekend is here, and you know what that means: it’s relax and read time!

Most IT professionals know that in order to succeed in IT, they need to have to desire to learn, and keep learning. After all, technology is always evolving, and who wants to get left behind?  Here’s some tips from Complete IT Professional to help you continue to thrive; read about them here!

Speaking of, this article from InfoWorld shares survey data revealing that while most IT  pros enjoy their work, despite struggling to balance their work and personal lives. Where do you fall on this issue?

Cloud-based solutions are all the rage. But this Tripwire blog post raises some interesting questions, when it comes to security. What do you think? Are they valid questions?

And while much of the criticism directed at Windows 8 has been related to touch screen technology, touch screens are becoming another fast-growing trend according to this article from CNET.

Don’t worry Linux fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. From Dice, here’s an article touting a fact you probably already knew about Linux, it’s always getting better!

We hope this never happens and that you’t won’t ever have to use the information in this article from Macworld, but just in case, here’s what to do if you drop your Mac.

But whatever you do, don’t break your iPhone. The repair costs have soared. Find out why by reading this article. At those prices, it almost makes better sense to buy a new device, don’t you think?

With Microsoft unveiling Xbox One earlier this week, Mashable compares it to the already-released Nintendo Wii U and the not-yet-unveiled Sony PS4,. What system excites you the most?


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