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Tech News: Google Now Recovers Apple’s Siri Fumble and More!


It’s finally here! It’s that time when we share links to some of this week’s more interesting tech- and IT-related news articles. This time around, we are kicking it off with some Google news because the company made some big waves this week. Happy reading!

When it comes to smartphones and intelligent personal assistants, Apple’s “Siri” has been all the rage since the release of the iPhone 4S. But that could soon change. This week, Google announced the release of “Google Now.” This article explains what this could mean. What do you think?

Lost among all that hoopla was another interesting move announced by Google. You’ve long been able to attach Word documents or photos to emails using Gmail, but now you can attach money to emails as well! Read about how it works and watch a short video here.

We continue to follow follow news surrounding Google Glass. Despite mixed reviews and opinions, the push for the revolutionary device continues-in the form of apps. Read about it at

Breaking away from Google-related news, here’s a blog post from that could be very beneficial for all you IT professionals (or hopefuls): IT practices that waste your time!

This Slashdot article makes the case that JavaScript is indispensable and that developers shouldn’t ignore it. Agree or disagree?

Here’s a interesting look at how mobile management has evolved and been applied to many different areas.

Fans of Electronic Arts (or critics) can rejoice! Not long after being named the Worst Company in America, the gaming giant is doing away with one of its more unpopular programs: the Online Pass. Wired has the details here!

And finally, circling back to the topic of smartphones. As they become even more integrated into our daily lives, you might want to check out this article from Consumer Affairs about ways to protect your devices.


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