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Tech News: IT’s Self-Image Needs Work, and More!


The weekend is finally here! And what better way to ease into it than with some easy reading? Here’s this week’s edition of Tech News, a roundup of some of this week’s tech-related news! Enjoy!

According to Cisco’s recent global IT impact study, IT’s self-image needs work. Do you agree or disagree? Read what InformationWeek has to say about the study here.

From IT Certification Master, “5 YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know.” You might recognize a few of the channels on this list. In fact, we bet you visit them a lot, too!

You’ve likely heard about the rapid decline in PC sales, thanks to the soaring popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, Hewlett-Packard, tops in the PC and laptop market, is set to make some changes that company officials hope reverse this trend. Read the Computerworld article (via IDG News Services) here.

Speaking of which . . . this can’t be good news for the PC/laptop market. This article explains how the iPad mini is paving the way for 8-inch tablet devices. At what point is small too small for you?

This article suggests that hardware startups are making a comeback. Read about it here.

Sony is set to begin shipping 4K televisions sometime this month. This article from The Motley Fool suggests that the arrival of this super high-resolution TVs present a grand opportunity for Apple.

Here’s an InformationWeek take on the operating system that everyone seems to have an opinion about these days. Yep, you guessed it: Windows 8. What do you think about the numbers?

Last but certainly not least: Mother’s Day is Sunday. Looking for some last-minute gift ideas? Dads aren’t the only ones who enjoy tech-related gifts. Check out for this list from Yahoo!


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