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Tech News: Microsoft Reportedly Reintroducing Start Button, and More!


It’s that time of week again! Here’s a quick look at some of the tech-related news that made headlines this week. Hope you enjoy the links!

Windows 8 has received mixed reviews since being released last year. But according to this article, Microsoft might release a new version featuring a key change aimed to reverse the tide of its latest version of Windows. But is it too late? What are your thoughts?

Speaking of which… According to this article from InformationWeek, Microsoft is slashing the prices of Windows 8 devices. Would this get you to change your mind about purchasing one?

Here’s an fascinating article from NPR that shares how young adults who are diagnosed with autism disorders are successful in IT careers. It’s truly – inspiring to hear stories like these.

On a somewhat related note, computer science continues to draw university/college students in droves. Check out these numbers and stories from students.

iPhone users rejoice! You continue to carry the most popular devices in the United States according to this YAHOO! article.

Want an update on Facebook Home, the Facebook-themed android launcher that was released April 12? Well, look no further than this Compterworld article. Do you use Facebook Home? Or does it seem like Facebook overkill?

Here’s something to look forward to other than football in the fall. Apple, Amazon and Xbox all have big things in store later this year. So says Read about it here!


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