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Tech News: 5 Jobs With Biggest Pay Raises and More


It’s the time of year when the world starts talking about the new high school and college graduates soon to be released upon the world. Here’s a roundup of what the tech world has to say about the main topic on a recent grad’s mind: Jobs.

CNN brings us the 5 Jobs With Biggest Pay Raises. You’ll never guess what field tops the list.

Following the Top 5 theme, Dice has the 5 Top Jobs for Computer Science Grads.

If you’re into a deeper data analysis, Computerworld tries to get to the bottom of an apparent paradox: “There are more IT managers working today than two years ago, but their unemployment rate is rising as well.” 

Anyone considering entering the IT field (and those already in it) will want to take a look at Computerworld’s 2013 IT Salary Survey and related articles.

In other news, it was an interesting week for Bitcoin. The digital currency was valued at an all-time high last week, more than $200. The epic rise caught the attention of pretty much everyone, from The New York Times to Fox News. The rise was followed by a major fall, which was also documented extensively.

CBT Nuggets in the news:

We were in the news this week too! Search Networking interviewed Jeremy Cioara about the new CCNA, read it here.

And with Bitcoin’s wild ride, CBT Nuggets CEO Dan Charbonneau was quoted in two articles from TechWeek Europe (here and here).


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