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PMBOK® Guide: What’s New in Quality Management?

Note: This post is the fifth in a series reviewing the updates in each of the 10 Knowledge Areas (KA) in the new A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) Fifth Edition  If you want the big picture of what’s changed in the 5th Edition, check out this earlier post.



So, what’s different in Quality Management?  Very little. This is one of the KAs where a new “Plan” process was not added as there was already a Plan Quality process that was simply renamed Plan Quality Management process for consistency with the other KAs.  Additionally, Perform Quality Control was renamed Control Quality, again to create more consistency with naming standards than changing the focus of the process.

Within the processes, there has been some refinement with the addition/re-emphasis  of seven tools: Cause and Effect Diagrams, Flowcharts, Check Sheets, Pareto Diagrams, Histograms, Control Charts and Scatter Diagrams.  While you will definitely recognize some of these names from previous editions, there is more detail regarding the application and use of these tools in the 5th edition.

This edition highlights the “Plan-Do-Act-Check” and “Initiate-Plan-Execute-Control-Close” models better aligning the PMBOK® with other industry accepted Quality Management processes.

Bottom line, not a lot of changes in this KA, If you are familiar with Quality Management, you should be comfortable with this edition of the PMBOK®.

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