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PMBOK® Guide: What’s new in Communication Management

Note: This post is the seventh in a series reviewing the updates in each of the 10 Knowledge Areas (KA) in the new A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) Fifth Edition  If you want the big picture of what’s changed in the 5th Edition, check out this earlier post.

 With the introduction of the new KA, Stakeholder Management, there also are significant changes in Communications Management, as several processes have been moved from Communications to Stakeholder Management.


This has resulted in a more focused Communications Management as the remaining processes. Plan Communications Management, Manage Communications and Control Communications are very much focused on Communications.

For those of you keeping track of process name changes, there has been a complete rename of processes in this KA. Plan Communications has been renamed Plan Communications Management (for naming consistency), but more importantly, Distribute Information has been renamed Manage Communications and Report Performance has been renamed Control Communications. Both are valuable changes that focus the processes on the important work to be done to ensure effective communications on your project. With this  change,  previous overlap with managing scope, schedule and costs have been removed. As a result, these new processes are clearly focused on effective communication rather than the previous focus of “what needs to be communicated”.

Bottom line, this is a virtual re-write of the Communications Management KA. There’s no need to worry, though. The new and improved Communications Management is more about ensuring that effective communication takes place and less overlap and potential confusion occurs with other PMBOK® KAs.  So, as long as you have an appreciation for effective communication, there should be nothing frightening about this much improved KA.

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