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PMBOK® Guide: What’s New in Scope Management

Note: This post is the second in a series reviewing the updates in each of the 10 Knowledge Areas (KA) in the new A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK® Guide) Fifth Edition. If you want the big picture of what’s changed in the 5th Edition, check out this earlier post.

So, what’s different in Scope Management?  steve_glassesThe biggest change is one that is repeated through many of the KAs, and that’s that addition of a “Plan” process, in this case, the addition of the Plan Scope Management process.  In terms of the other processes, the only other process change is the renaming of the Verify Scope process to Validate Scope.

In a little more detail, requirements collection was enhanced to ensure that the full set of requirements to ensure project success are collected. This reflects the fact that some requirements may be outside the actual scope of the project, but still critical for overall project success.

And consistent with the new process name—Validate Scope—the focus has been updated to ensure that the process is focused on delivering value to the business through the delivery of acceptable deliverables.  This is accomplished by a focus on managing not just deficiencies in the deliverables, but also the relative importance of the defects.

Bottom line, not a lot of changes in this KA. Scope Management has always been a key component of successful project delivery, and this edition of the PMBOK® Guide simply fine-tunes this core foundational component of Project Management.

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