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Frozen Nuggets Take the Plunge

Last weekend, the bravest of the brave from Team CBT jumped in the frigid waters of the Willamette River. These tough team members (who happened to all be part of the marketing department… hmmm) took on this character-building challenge to raise money for a NuggetLOVE charity, Special Olympics.


Team Frozen Nuggets

Special Olympics holds fundraising “Polar Plunges” across the US. These plunges take place in the cold winter months. The concept is simple: Voluntarily plunge into a cold body of water during the coldest part of the year.

Western Oregon is not as cold as other parts of the country, but members of Team Frozen Nuggets can confidently say that it was quite chilly. And that was BEFORE we even got in the water. Once we plunged, well, see the reaction for yourself!


Once Frozen Nuggets thawed a bit, we agreed we had earned the right to any and all warm food we could eat for the rest of the day.

Bottom photo credit: Special Olympics Oregon 


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